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Small Animal Houses

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Small Animal Houses

Discover our range of small animal homes, where comfort meets style for your little companions! Our range of House Accessories, Cages & Hutches, and Hideaways designed to provide the perfect sanctuary for small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more.

Dive into our selection of House Accessories, where each item is thoughtfully designed to enhance your pet's living space. From comfortable bedding to playful toys, we ensure your pet's house feels like a home. Next, explore our variety of Cages & Hutches. Whether you're looking for a compact cage for your hamster or a spacious hutch for your rabbit, our range caters to all sizes and needs, prioritizing safety and comfort.

For those little moments of peace and privacy, our Hideaways are a must-see. These charming retreats are perfect for pets who love a bit of alone time or a cozy nap.

Explore our range of trusted brands like Lexi & Me, known for their stylish yet practical pet solutions. Masterpet brings innovation and quality to the table, ensuring your pet's home is durable and comfortable. And with Pet One, expect a blend of functionality and fun in their range of pet housing options.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the right size cage or hutch for my pet?

When selecting a cage or hutch, consider your pet's size and activity level. Ensure there's enough space for them to move, sleep, eat, and play comfortably. As a rule of thumb, bigger is usually better.

Can hideaways help with my pet's stress levels?

Absolutely! Hideaways provide a secure and private space for your pet, which can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, especially in shy or nervous animals.

How often should I clean my pet's house accessories?

Regular cleaning is crucial for your pet's health. Clean and disinfect the house accessories at least once a week, and spot clean as needed to maintain a hygienic environment.