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There are so many ways that pets can improve people's lives.

The Petstock Foundation exists to strengthen this rewarding bond, empowering a better future for both pets and people.

Strengthen the Bond

We use our capabilities to strengthen the rewarding bond between pets and people. By enabling people to be helped by pets, we are inspiring them to love and care for animals in return.

Shared Commitment

We are creating a network that is dedicated to the same purpose. From our management and advisory team and generous team members to our suppliers and customers and incredible partners on the ground, we come together and take action.

Leading Change

We work to solve problems big and small. Whether it’s improving the situation of a person or pet, or improving the fabric of society, we are leading a change for a better future.

Pets can improve people’s lives in so many ways.

They can relieve the effects of anxiety, loneliness and disadvantage. They can provide friendship, support and inspiration, or simply make us smile when we need it most. When people feel this unconditional love, they are inspired to give it back in return.

Many of us can relate to this feeling. However, we’re really just scratching the surface of the positive impact that can be made. That’s why at the Petstock Foundation, we are empowering a better future for pets and people; through the rewarding bond between us.

We give 100% of the funds we raise to our purpose.

Representing the purpose of the Petstock Group, and through our dedicated management and advisory team, generous team members, suppliers and customers; together we support and raise the profile of our own programs and the incredible work our partners do. From training support and therapy animals, to providing much needed help to pet parents affected by domestic violence.

As one committed team, the Petstock Foundation strengthens the bond between pets and people. Making a positive impact today, and leading change for a better future.

Our Partners

100% of donations to the Petstock Foundation are donated to charities who share our values such as Pet Refuge and Riding for the Disabled.

Pet Refuge

Pet Refuge New Zealand provides temporary shelter and care for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse.

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NZ Riding for the Disabled

The core purpose of NZRDA is to provide interaction with horses to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for people experiencing disability, or who have specific challenges or needs.