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100% of donations to the Petstock Foundation are donated to charities who share our values.

NZ Riding for the Disabled

NZRDA is a member association made up of over 50 local RDA groups who are in local communities throughout New Zealand. The core purpose of NZRDA is to provide interaction with horses to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for people experiencing disability, or who have specific challenges or needs. NZRDA aim to enable and support disabled people to achieve good lives including meaningful participation in, and contribution to, important life activities and roles in their community.

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Pet Refuge

Pet Refuge New Zealand provides temporary shelter and care for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse. Pet Refuge believes no one should have to live with violence and have built a shelter which will ensure pet owners know their animals are safe while they start a new life free from domestic violence. Pet Refuge actively raise awareness of the link between pet abuse and domestic violence, a significant barrier to leaving abuse

Pet Refuge is now open; providing safety for pets affected by domestic violence to heal while their owners escape abuse. We couldn’t have done this without the support of Petstock, who have been with us from the start, because they too believe that pets are family. And to everyone who has supported our instore fundraisers, every dollar makes a difference, and we can’t thank you enough for supporting our mission.

Julie Chapman

Pet Refuge Founder