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General Advice

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November 2023
Desexing Your Cat

Desexing your cat benefits both health and wellbeing, along with preventing unwanted litters. Learn more about the procedure for both male and female cats with advice from our Petstock VET team.

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December 2023
What To Do When Bringing A New Kitten Home

Prepare for a seamless transition when bringing a new kitten home with Petstock's essential guide. Explore expert tips on creating a welcoming environment, introducing your kitten to its new surroundings, and building a strong bond from day one. Navigate the exciting journey of adding a new feline family member with confidence. Visit now for practical advice on ensuring a smooth and joyful experience for both you and your new kitten!

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March 2024
Cat Adoption Myths Busted

Are you hesitant to adopt a rescue cat because you’ve heard some bad stereotypes? Don’t believe the negative press, it could be keeping you from your next family member. In recognition of National Pet Adoption Month, we’re busting cat adoption myths!

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May 2024
7 Tips to Keep Your Cat Cosy in Winter

Cats love to seek out cozy spots. Offering hiding places like cardboard boxes, cubbies, or soft beds tucked away in quiet corners gives your cat a sense of safety and comfort.