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December 2023

Keeping Rabbits Warm in Winter & Cool in Summer


It’s important to consider where your rabbit’s hutch will be situated. Choosing a position which is sheltered from the elements, out of direct sunlight and well ventilated will ensure your rabbit is as comfortable as possible in most weather conditions throughout summer and winter. In extreme weather however, your rabbit requires special attention.

Summer Care: Keeping Rabbits Cool in the Heat

  • Ensure your rabbit’s enclosure is always in the shade. You may need to move it over the course of the day as the shade moves around.
  • Keep your rabbit indoors with you on very hot days.
  • Ensure your rabbit always has access to ample fresh, clean water that is kept out of direct sunlight. Consider using a water dispenser with a nozzle instead of a bowl, to prevent your rabbit from knocking it over. On very hot days, consider adding some ice cubes to their water dispenser to keep it cooler for longer.
  • Provide your rabbit with frozen water bottles to lay on and keep cool.
  • Giving your bunny a small portion of frozen fruit and vegetables will provide a cool and healthy snack on a hot day.

Winter Care:

  • Add extra bedding straw or a mixture of wood shavings and straw to your rabbit’s enclosure, to help keep them snug.
  • Provide extra padding to the enclosed section of the hutch, by purchasing an igloo for your rabbit to snuggle into.
  • Move your rabbit’s hutch to a more secure area, sheltered from the cold.
  • If possible, keep your rabbit indoors with you to ensure he doesn’t get too cold outside.
  • Consider a pet-safe heating pad under part of the bedding.
  • Raise the hutch off the ground to prevent cold from seeping in.
  • Cover mesh parts of the hutch with plastic sheeting to block drafts, but ensure proper ventilation.
  • Monitor your rabbit for signs of respiratory infections, especially in cold weather.

By integrating these care tips, you can ensure your rabbit remains comfortable and healthy throughout the seasonal changes.