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December 2023

Dog Christmas Presents For Your Furry Friend This Holiday Season


When Christmas hits, it’s just another excuse to spoil our dogs, right? And searching around to find the best dog Christmas presents should be half the fun – and perhaps made even better when everything is in one place. Well, we’ve got you.

All-year-round and at Christmas time, we offer an extensive range of quality treats, toys, and accessories your dog will adore. And more importantly, make you feel like the dog-parent royalty.

Treat it! Tasty treats for every good boy and girl.

Christmas feast, anyone? Most dogs love a treat or two. Some dogs, well, they live for it (we can relate). While we don’t encourage your dog to overindulge during the silly season, it is an excellent time to pick out some of your dog’s favourite tasty treats or some new ones.

Various sizes available



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Dental treats

Flaunt it! Accessories made to beautify and stylise your pup’s day.

Whether your dog’s due for a wardrobe upgrade, or you want to match everything possible for the perfect fashion statement, accessories should always be on top of your dog’s Christmas gift list. Walkie belts, a new Christmas dog collar, lead or harness, there’s definitely something you NEED. Just remember, dog Christmas presents don’t need to be complicated, and most certainly should contain some level of practicality – or at least give it a try. Cue, poop bags.

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Dog collars and leads
Dog clothing

Cuddle it! OR nuzzle it. Soft and plush toys any dog will love.

Soft and plush toys make the ultimate cuddle buddy for your dog. In fact, they can almost become a staple source of comfort for your pet. Remember your very best childhood blanky? Every year the bar is set higher when it comes to soft toys, from extra-large novelty toys to on-trend colours and designs – make sure you browse the full range for some stellar upgrades! Here’s some of our favourites.

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Plush toys

Tougher stuff. Outdoor, indoor, but made for more slobber and strength.

Not all dogs are gentle with their favourite toys, and some leave a little too much drool to be desired – which is why tougher toys are sometimes the best solution. So, when you’re thinking about the best Christmas gifts for your dog, it might be practicality as the preference. We’ve popped together some of our favourite tough toys for long-lasting joy.

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Cool it, chill out. Summer essentials for the warmer weather.

Summer is the perfect playground. The days are brighter, we can enjoy water sports and spend more time in nature. And it’s no playground without our best furry friend by our side. Consider making it a summer to remember with the latest waterproof and water centric toys, along with products to help them cope with those warmer days in the sunshine.

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Automatic feeders and waterers
NERF toys

Gifts that give back. Petstock Assist charity products straight from the heart.

Gift giving and love is at the heart of the holiday season. When we give to others it activates the areas of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection and trust. Plus, selfless behaviour releases endorphins in the brain and brings happiness and hope to the people we help.

Our Petstock Assist charity supports a wide range of pet and human charities across New Zealand, from your local shelters to organisations that help provide pets temporary security in domestic violence situations – there’s a lot of good in this world. Here are some of the products that make wonderful dog Christmas presents and also give back to our charity Petstock Foundation.

Shop this page for Petstock Foundation gifts:

Petstock Foundation gifts

Now you’ve got a snapshot of some of the best options for dog Christmas presents, why not start preparing for your summer activities too? 'Here's how you can keep your pooch safe at the beach, so you can enjoy a blissful weekend.