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Live Fish Loach Clown

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As their defence mechanism, Clown Loach can extend the movable spines found in the groove below the eye. They should be handed carefully as the spine may cause a painful wound, but fortunately is not venomous. Sometimes they appear to lie on their sides on the bottom of the tank or swim upside down and appear dead, this however is normal behaviour. They are very effective at eradicating infestations of pond snails from aquariums.

Max Size:30cm


They are not difficult to feed in an aquarium and it can be given a varied diet of Tetra Crisps, Tetra Colour Bits, bloodworms, flake food, live, freshwater shrimp and vegetable matter. Juvenile Clown Loaches will relish the addition of live foods (such as black worms), They will also eat any snails within the aquarium.


This beautiful peaceful fish with spectacular designs of black bands and bright red fins makes an excellent addition to a community tank. The Clown Loach will be a little shy at first, and is best kept away from aggressive fish as they may become stressed.

Ease of keeping 1 (easy) to 5 (hardest)
  • 2
PH GH Temp
6.5-7.5   50-150ppm   24-28c

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