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The unique shape and majestic, calm, swimming style of angel fish are just some of the reasons why this fish is one of the most popular of all aquarium fish. Angelfish are laterally compressed and look like a disc on edge with long fins coming out of the top and bottom and have 2 'feelers' in front of the anal fin.

Max Size:15cm


Angelfish will eat most aquarium fish foods. Small size angels, at about 3 4 cm, are still considered fry and require several feeds a day to keep them healthy and growing. Frozen Foods like AI Tropical Mix and Brine Shrimp are a good food to start them on. Larger angels will try to eat smaller fish like Neon Tetras if given the chance. Angelfish are top feeders (i.e. they prefer to feed at the surface of the water). Shrimp and Bloodworm are great for angelfish.


Angelfish are known as a relatively peaceful freshwater fish and are a really good addition to most home aquariums. You can keep one Angel in a tank by themselves, or in pairs. However, if there is sufficient swimming space in the tank, they do much better in a group with 6 or more Angels . These fish will mix well and can be quite compatible with Silver Dollars, Black Widow Tetras, Yellow, Black and Red Phantom Tetras, Silver Tip Tetras, Corydoras Catfish, and Plecostomus Catfish. 

Ease of keeping 1 (easy) to 5 (hardest)
  • 2
PH GH Temp
6.5-7.5   50-100ppm   24-28c

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