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Social Media Terms and Conditions

Social Media Terms and Conditions

Posting Content to Petstock Social Properties

By posting content to social properties maintained by Petstock Pty Ltd., its subsidiaries or agents (“Petstock, @petstock_nz,”), utilizing hashtags related to Petstock social media topics (including but not limited to #petstocknz #petstockassist, #petstocktoytues #petstock & competition specific hashtags), or addressing Petstock directly utilizing @ tags for accounts maintained by Petstock (including but not limited to @petstock_nz), you acknowledge Petstock may repost or regram your content on our social media channels.

Rights Management

Petstock may reach out to fans asking for permission to use their image. By responding ‘yes’, you are agreeing to Petstock using your image on their website, marketing or promotional material, and social media channels at their discretion. Petstock is not required to pay you for use of this image unless otherwise stated. For any questions or queries on this policy, please contact

Facebook House Rules

We're so glad you've decided to join in our conversations.

We look forward to celebrating pets, sharing our ideas, inspiring you, and hearing what you have to say.

We want to keep our Facebook page an open forum, but we are also a family-friendly page, so please keep your comments and posts clean. We want you to tell us what’s on your mind, but if it falls into any of the categories below, we want you to know we will have to remove it:

  • We do not allow graphic, obscene, explicit, racial and/or offensive remarks and foul language. Nor do we allow comments which threaten or defame a person or organization.
  • We do not allow third-party solicitations or advertisements.
  • We do not allow comments that support or encourage illegal activity.
  • We do not allow posts from fake or anonymous accounts. Trolling (off-topic posts that are designed to provoke others into an emotional response or otherwise disrupt on-topic discussion) will also not be permitted.
  • We do not allow spamming, repetitive posting. Ongoing spamming by the same user/s may result in the account being blocked and/or reported.
  • We do not allow posts that contain false or misleading information or give others a misleading impression about Petstock or the goods or services we supply.

Petstock reserves the right to moderate and/or remove posts and comments for any reason. When posting please respect the views of other users and be aware that this page is accessed by minors, therefore posts and comments should be suitable for all ages. If poor behavior continues, we reserve the right to block you from posting on this page.