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Pro Plan

Embark on a nutritional journey with Pro Plan, where every meal is a step towards optimal health for your canine companion. Our range of Pro Plan Dog Food caters to the diverse needs of dogs across all life stages and breeds.

The Pro Plan Puppy range, tailored for the youngest members of your dog family, these formulas are packed with essential nutrients to support puppies in their critical growth phase. From building strong bones to enhancing brain development, Pro Plan Puppy food lays the foundation for a healthy, active life.

But it's not just about puppies. Our Pro Plan range includes specialised options for adult and senior dogs too, ensuring that your pet's nutritional needs are met at every stage of life. Whether they're a high-energy athlete or a laid-back lap dog, there's a Pro Plan formula designed just for them.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Pro Plan suitable for all breeds of puppies?

Absolutely! Pro Plan Puppy is formulated to provide balanced and comprehensive nutrition for puppies of all breeds, ensuring they get the best start in life.


How do I choose the right Pro Plan formula for my dog?

Selecting the right formula involves considering your dog's age, breed, activity level, and any specific health needs. Consulting with your vet can help in making the best choice for your dog's individual requirements.


Does Pro Plan offer grain-free options?

Yes, Pro Plan includes grain-free options in its range, catering to dogs with specific dietary preferences or needs.