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Discover our range of Addiction dog and cat food, straight from the pristine lands of New Zealand, offers a wholesome meal experience for your canine and feline companions. Specially crafted with love and care, this range includes a variety of flavors and nutrients to cater to every pup's palate.

For the feline members of your family, our Addiction dry cat food is a purr-fect choice. It's packed with essential nutrients and flavors . Our products are designed to provide a balanced diet, ensuring your cats stay healthy, active, and happy.

We haven't forgotten about those playful moments either! Our Addiction dog treats are a great way to reward your pooches while providing them with a healthy snack. These treats are made with natural ingredients and are an excellent addition to your dog's daily diet.

From dry dog food that keeps your dog's coat shiny and healthy to delicious treats that cater to their playful nature, we have everything to keep your pets in the best of spirits and health. Dive into our Addiction pet food range and discover the perfect meal for your beloved pets.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Addiction dry cat food suitable for all cats?

Yes, Addiction dry cat food is formulated to cater to cats of all breeds and ages. Its balanced nutrition supports overall health, making it an ideal choice for your feline friends.


Are Addiction dog treats just for training?

While Addiction dog treats are great for training, they're also perfect for anytime snacks. They're healthy, delicious, and a great way to show your dog some extra love.