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December 2023

What To Feed Kittens: What Do Kittens Eat?

Diet and Nutrition

Sometimes, owners feel like the best type of food for their kitten is the one they will eat! Cats have a reputation of being fussy eaters; on the other hand, many suffer from weight problems because they’ll eat everything in sight!

Just like us though our cats are what they eat and we should always strive to feed them a nutritionally balanced diet.

Wet vs. dry kitten food

There’s a huge variety of wet and dry cat food available. We recommend feeding a majority of dry food for most kittens and adult cats, using wet food as a treat or small amount of their diet. The dry food will help avoid tartar build up and keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Best kitten food diet

A super premium diet fed twice a day (or more, depending on the age of your kitten) is the best meal plan for your kitten. Super premium food offers all the nutrients your fur baby needs for their specific age, breed and condition.

Avoid the bulge

Each variety of food, whether it’s dry or canned, will tell you exactly how much you should be feeding your kitten. Following these recommendations will limit your fur baby becoming overweight and acquiring more serious health issues.

Can kittens eat human food?

It’s not recommended that kittens eat human food. Some human foods can be toxic to cats, or at the very least, will not offer the same balance of required nutrients found in cat food. Additionally, human foods can often be high in calories and fat which can lead to your kitten’s weight gain and health issues. There is a huge variety of kitten food available to meet their nutritional needs.

Can kittens drink milk?

It’s a common misconception that cats and kittens love to drink milk when, actually, it can cause them to have severe stomach upsets. Once weaned from their mother, your kitten will not need to drink milk at all. Instead, ensure your kitten always has access to fresh, clean water.