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December 2023

How to Stop Your Dog Barking

We’ll never really know what a dog is trying to say, but we can have an educated guess. Stop your dog barking by first understanding why they feel the need to bark, they could be lonely or even trying to protect you. Here are some smart ways to help your dog stop each type of barking.

Territorial barking

Think about blocking the dog’s view. A solid fence instead of pickets, or opaque film on the windows to blur the view.

Alarm or fear barking

Strange noises can alarm your dog so maybe consider moving your dog inside at night.

Loneliness or boredom barking

If you’re leaving a dog alone all day, take him for a big walk in the morning. A tired dog is a quiet dog.
Just like us, dogs also need mental stimulation. Try rotating interactive toys on a daily basis to keep them interested.

Separation anxiety barking

Is there someone who could walk your dog during the day? If not, a big bone or food puzzle will keep your buddy busy for hours. Chewing releases positive hormones and stimulating their minds is a great distraction.

Attention seeking barking

Never reward barking. If your dog barks for food, for walks, or even pat – just ignore him. Don’t make eye contact. Go do something else and then come back on your terms when he’s quiet.

There’s are a great number of other products designed to curb barking so head to your local PETstock store or shop online now.