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Feliway Friends Refill 48 ml




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Feliway Friends Refill 48ml

FELIWAY Friends diffuser refill is a convenient, easy to use solution for reducing cat conflict in households with more than one cat. FELIWAY Friends contains a copy of the Cat Appeasing Pheromone which is clinically proven to help cats live in harmony and alleviate signs of conflict like tensions, fighting, blocking, staring, chasing, hissing and swiping.

To use, simply screw the refill vial into the diffuser unit, plug the diffuser unit into an electrical socket, switch on and leave on continuously for 4 weeks. Each refill vial provides constant support for 4 weeks.

NOTE: Does not include diffuser. This is available to purchase seperately.

Key Benefits:

  • Aids in reducing fighting and agression
  • Helps in reducing the amount of staring, stalking, blocking between cats
  • Assists in the decrease of hiding, crouching and fleeing

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