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API Nitra Zorb




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API Nitra Zorb 210g

Formulated to remove nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia from freshwater aquariums. This pouch contains both synthetic and natural ion-exchange resins that target only the said contaminants from water. It is best used when setting up an aquarium.

Key Benefits:

  • Does not contain phosphate
  • Can be easily recharged in a warm table salt solution
  • Made to selectively eliminate nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia from freshwater aquariums that are not good for fishes’ health
  • Best used when you first set up your aquarium to minimise ammonia surges while its ecosystem is still establishing itself
  • Can be used with almost any aquarium filter
  • Can be used in established aquariums once levels of nitrite and ammonia are detected
  • Ideally used in soft water aquariums housing delicate species of fish
  • Formulated not to remove iron and other trace elements
  • Does not alter hardness, pH levels, or

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