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Smart Price Guarantee

Find a better deal on an identical item, and we'll match it.

We don’t want a little thing like price to come between us. Shop for pet supplies with confidence, knowing that you are receiving the lowest price and getting the high quality Petstock service you expect with our Smart Price Guarantee.

1. Record

Take a screenshot, send us a website link or take a clipping from a catalogue or similar as evidence of the lower priced item. Remember it must be identical to the item available at Petstock.

2. Contact

Call, email or visit your local Petstock store to show us your record of the cheaper priced item. We’ll work with you directly to review the item based on our Price Match Policy.

3. Match

Once approved, we’ll process your purchase at the matched price to make you and your Buddy happy!

Shopping In-Store?

If you happen to find the same product in New Zealand for less, let us know and we will match it.

Shopping Online?

Petstock Online will match any New Zealand online competitor’s price providing Petstock Terms and Conditions are adhered to. If you make the effort to bring this to our attention we will offer that same price on any identical stocked item (same brand, model, colour and quality) and offer you the same Petstock service.