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Savic Chicken Feeder Fun


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Savic Chicken Feeder Fun

By nature, chickens spend a lot of time looking for food. You can recreate this yourself by offering them a challenge so that they have to look for their food themselves rather than simply scattering it around. This is food enrichment. Food enrichment is good for the welfare of your animals and also ensures that they do not exhibit any unwanted behaviour such as feather pecking. The Chicken Fun feeder is therefore the ideal way of providing food enrichment for your chickens.How does it work? Pull the ball apart and fill it with grain, mealworms, laying meal or any other tasty treat. Give the ball to the chickens. The chickens will try to get the food out of the ball by rolling it around and they will enjoy their snacks as well as the exercise and distraction they need.

Key Features:

  • Ideal way for food enrichment
  • Good for the welfare of your animal
  • Prevents unwanted behaviour such as feather pecking
  • Fi

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