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Live Fish Fighter Siamese Female

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Bettas are very popular and are memebers of the Gourami family. Female bettas can become territorial towards each other if they are kept in small aquariums.

Max Size:6cm


As an omnivore, floating pellets and frozen/freezedried food such as blackworm, bloodworm, and betta mix are great for these fish.


Can become territorial with other females if kept in small aquariums. It is recommended not to keep male and female bettas together unless for a short time for breeding. Caution and supervision is recommended. These fish also like to hide, so be sure to have plenty of plants.

Ease of keeping 1 (easy) to 5 (hardest)
  • 3
PH GH Temp
6.5-7.5   50-150ppm   20-26c

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