We like a dirty doggy. It’s because we know you’ll find everything you need to get them squeaky clean again, right in our D.I.Y Dog Wash bays.

Unlike the walls and floor of your bathroom at home, our Dog Wash facilities are made to withstand the spray of water that comes from a good, strong, wet-dog shake.

Easy access, safe doggy tie ups and an elevated tub make bath time that little more comfortable for you and your buddy. Additionally, we’ll provide you with the necessary stuff to get you buddy washed and dried in no time! Can’t get much more convenient than that!

No appointments necessary!

*flea wash not available in all DIY Dog Wash facilities please contact your local store for details

Don't want to Do It Yourself?

Let us do it for you!

Our expert Groomers are always taking appointments. Click here to find your local PETstock grooming salon.