What is this Puppy Pre-School Stuff All About?

Enrolling your new family member in PETstock Puppy Pre-School will not only provide them with essential life skills, but give them the opportunity to socialise during their developmental stage of life.

Our Puppy Pre-School program is tailored for pups 8 - 16 weeks old; after they have had their first vaccination and can safely attend classes with other pups and people. Classes are held in a safe, comfortable and controlled environment, right in store.

Using positive reinforcement techniques, PETstock's certified Puppy Pre-School Trainers teach new pet-parents the knowledge and skills needed to have a happy and healthy relationship with their new family member.

Why is Puppy Pre-School so Important?

Puppy Behaviour - It's Not Just About Being Cute

In addition to being waggly, wiggly, licky little creatures, puppies' individual personalities and characteristics are predetermined by genetics and breed traits. Your pup's genetics cannot be changed and this, along with past and present learning experiences will determine your puppy's behaviour.

Socialising is not just for butterflies - Puppy Socialisation

Taking your pup to Puppy Pre-School not only helps them to become a little socialite, but exposes them to a multitude of environments, sights and sounds. It gives your pup the opportunity to learn to accept other dogs, people and animals; a skill they'll carry with them throughout their lifetime.

Be Consistent, then be Consistent Again!

When your pup is learning, consistency is key. Setting and following a routine will be valuable to you both and help your pup learn desired behaviours faster and with less confusion.

Give Yourself a Big Lick on The Cheek! Positive Reinforcement Training

PETstock Puppy Pre-School is all about using positive reinforcement training. In fact, it's all we teach! Using rewards to reinforce desired behaviour means your pup is likely to repeat the behaviour. The trick is to find exactly what your pup finds rewarding - this could be pats, praise, treats or toys.

You Can Teach an Old Human New Tricks - Dog Handling Skills

It's important to be able to handle your pup in a variety of situations. Dogs absorb our energy so it is imperative to observe our own behaviour during training lessons and when handling our pups. You will learn techniques to gently handle your pup during play, massage, grooming, quiet time and more.

What will I learn at PETstock Puppy Pre-School?


Learn important info about your pup's health including:

  • Parasite control
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccination routines
  • Desexing
  • Legal requirements
  • Quality food
  • Grooming
  • Appropriate exercise regimes

Body Language

Happy, content, anxious, alert or fearful? Our Trainers will help you understand what your pup’s body language is telling you in any situation.

Basic Obedience

Essential basic obedience commands including: sit; drop; come; watch; stay; calm and; on your mat.

Toilet Training

Being consistent and patient is the easiest and quickest way to teach your pup where to go to the toilet. Our Puppy Pre-School Trainers will teach you what signals to look for and the best way to teach your pup.


Puppies use mouthing to play with their littermates and to learn about their environment. When you bring your new pup home it’s up to you to teach them what acceptable behaviour is. We’ll show you how to do this using positive reinforcement.

Environmental Enrichment

One of the most important lessons of our program, we’ll teach you why providing your puppy with physical, social and behavioural stimuli will help them become happy and healthy family members.


Puppies learn quickly that jumping up on people is a great way to get some attention. Our Puppy Pre-School Trainers will give you the best advice on how to stop this behaviour and teach your pup how to say ‘hi’ in a way that won’t (literally) bowl people over.

Anxiety and Training Problems

Our Trainers will help you understand the difference between anxiety and training related issues and the best ways to deal with them.

We're In! How Do I Enrol?

To find out if your local store offers Puppy Pre-School classes, locate your nearest store.

Your local friendly team will be able to tell you if classes are offered, when the next class is running and sign you up.