We’re family, and that means taking care of you from top to fluffy tail

It’s not only that we love taking care of your pets and spoiling them like they’re our own. It’s that we WANT to, and that makes a huge difference. PETstock’s in store services are here for you to make pet care convenient and cost effective. And yes, it does give us a chance to spoil them while you’re here.

D.I.Y Dog Wash

We like a dirty doggy. It’s because we know you’ll find everything you need to get them squeaky clean again, right in our D.I.Y Dog Wash bays.


If our groomers styled people…well, let’s just say there’d be some pretty spunky hairdos on the street.

I.D Tags and Engraving

Not just a statement of style, an engraved I.D. tag will give your pet another chance of finding their way home should they ever get lost.

Puppy Pre-School

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to go to a school where you’re surrounded by puppies with little round bellies, waggly tails, floppy ears, soft paws, wet noses…sorry, we got distracted.

Aquarium h2O Testing

No one, especially your fishy friends, wants their tank to look like a swamp so let us help you keep your tank in tip top condition.


Leashed pets are welcome in PETstock stores! Bring your buddy along the next time you visit!