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Each cat’s nose print is unique, much like human fingerprints.
Cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears.
A cat can jump up to five times its own height in a single bound. Such athleticism can be supported by a scientifically formulated diet to increase your your cat's joint longevity.
A house cat is generally faster than Usain Bolt! Bolt ran at over 37kmh and a house cat can run over 48kmh! Exercise your fur baby's zoomies with engaging cat toys!
Cats sleep for an average of 13 to 14 hours a day to conserve energy, make sure they have a comfy bed or two!
The heaviest domestic cat on record weighs in at over 21kgs! Keep your fur-baby's weight in check with a super premium food diet.
A cat’s hearing is better than a dog’s, and a cat can hear high-frequency sounds up to two octaves higher than a human - that's why you can never secretly open a can of wet food - have you tried wet food pouches?
A cat’s brain is biologically more similar to a human brain than it is to a dog’s! Keep your fur-baby's brain entertained with engaging cat toys.

Introducing Fleur, starring as The Friendly Cat.

Fleur is a pampered indoor cat. She loves sunning herself on the balcony, sitting on laps and receiving lots of attention. Fleur loves to follow her human Mum everywhere around the house and also loves getting out and about in her pet stroller for walks around Sydney!

Being a Ragdoll cat, Fleur’s coat requires regular brushing and is prone to shedding.Her owner regularly uses a FURminator brush to remove loose hair and keep her fur looking glamourous.

They say cats have nine lives, and it seems Fleur may have already used one of hers when she received a nasty bite from a tick. Luckily, her Vet was able to remove the tick and provide her with treatment, just in time! This required some of her coat to be shaved, which thankfully grew back in no time!

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Introducing Phoenix, starring as the DOMINANT cat.

Phoenix is an indoor cat that reigns supreme over the household. To remind everyone who’s boss, some of Phoenix’s tactics include stalking and ambushing unsuspecting humans as they walk by. His Mum sometimes refers to him as a little bit of a brat!

Highly intelligent and full of personality, Phoenix leads an active lifestyle even whilst living indoors. He enjoys running, playing and loves a game of fetch. He is also cheeky and likes to steal things and hide them around the house. Phoenix has been known to take socks and underwear, money and even a cactus, straight from its pot!

Being a Bengal cat, Phoenix has many dog-like behaviours such as running up to the door when his family arrive home, and playing with water. His love of water-games means it took some time for his owners to find a bowl he would drink out of, rather than play in. They finally found a cat fountain that he couldn’t empty or knock over – pefrfect!

Dominant cats often require lots of distractions, like interactive toys, to entertain and keep them stimulated.

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Introducing Fudge, starring as the SHY cat.

Fudge likes to lead a more private lifestyle than most other cats. He is not attention-seeking or needy, and enjoys his quiet time. He loves to be in the same room as his human Mum and Dad, but you’ll rarely find him sitting on their laps or cuddling up on the couch. Fudge would much rather sit by himself in his cat tower, on the coffee table, or on the floor and gaze lovingly at them from afar.

The linen closet is Fudge’s favourite place to hide when guests visit. As soon as the doorbell rings, you will see Fudge slinking across the floor in a blur of grey, and climbing right into it. He is shy and cautious of people he is unfamiliar with. It can often take some coaxing (with treats!) and lots of reassuring pats to get him comfortable enough to greet new people.

Fudge also has a cheeky nature and has become a skilled fridge-opener. His Mum and Dad now must keep a child-lock on their fridge to keep him from opening the door and knocking all the food out!

If you have a shy cat like Fudge, providing them with hideaways throughout the house (such as a cat tunnel, tower or igloo) can help give them the space they need when feeling anxious.

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Introducing Lumos, starring as the SPONTANEOUS cat.

Lumos leads an outgoing lifestyle with his sister, Noxie, regularly exploring. He enjoys visitng new places and meeting new people, travelling around in his human Mum and Dad’s backpack, or on a cat-harness.

Friendly and full of energy, Lumos is usually the first to say hi to strangers and loves getting pats and cuddles. He loves food and will do just about anything to get it!

Lumos is known to be a little bit clumsy, often falling off his cat tower or spilling his food all over himself. Despite this, he is very clever with his clicker training, and loves learning new tricks like jumping obstacles, spinning and jumping into his human’s arms. Lumos has even learnt how to ‘fist bump’! He’s become so accomplished in his training, Lumos’ owners are now struggling to find new tricks for him to learn. Any ideas?

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Introducing Noxie, starring as the OUTGOING cat.

Noxie was adopted by her parents, and they like to think that she picked them out as soon as they caught her eye at her foster home. Within ten minutes of meeting, she was happily playing and following her new Mum and Dad around.

These days, Noxie loves exploring outside on her harness and lead with her human parents and her brother, Lumos. She loves regional areas and road trips, prancing through orchards, wineries and farms. Noxie recently discovered a love for the beach and hiking. On her first ever hike, she insisted on walking for 5 whole kilometres!

Cheeky and playful, Noxie enjoys playing independently, often getting lost playing with a toy mouse by herself for hours on end. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like playing with other cats though! Noxie loves chasing her brother, Lumos, and playing games of fetch.

Noxie often enjoys causing some mischief, playing tricks by hiding different items around the house. One of her favourite pastimes is hiding glasses, then sitting back and watching her parents hunt everywhere for them.

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